More than 100 activities in one place.

The first ever international platform, which enables all providers of sports activities to present themselves in one place. Expose your activities and your offers to new visitors!


We Create Unique Experiences

Do you provide experiences or adventures? Upload them to Adventure Time and expose them to a global audience, today!

Adventure time is a booking platform, where customers can purchase adventures fast & easy, from the comfort of their home.

If you're a local company who already offers such adventures, join us and become part of the world's biggest booking platform for adventure seekers!

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You, your brand and your services will be exposed to the world, giving you significant marketing boost and branding. Additional options to get further exposure will be provided.

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We expect to have 200-300.000 visitors monthly by the end of 2018. By joining adventure-time, you will therefore get instant access to the global customer base and offer your services to them.


Adventure Time is a simple but effective booking platform. We cover and match all the information from the providers and the seekers, so ease-of-use is very important to us. Once your company and services are online, all you have to do is wait for Adventure Time to inform you about new bookings commig in. It's that simple!

Other benefits for providers include

We will include all sports activities for all seasons. Every user has access to the site, where he can add and edit it's activities and package deals.

How do package deals look like?

Package deals can include transportation, accommodation, food & drink, equipment rental, a guide or tutor, or even a package deal of several different activities, offered by a single provider, like multi-day activities.

All reservations to these activities will have a prepay and payout of the activitites within 14 days.

We Provide High Quality and Cost Effective Services.

If you are not convinced yet, don't take our word for it. You will be exposed globally, which will deliver more customers to your doorstep.
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You will receive 24/7 support from our support team. You will get the chance, to further boost your position in our weekly marketing emails, which go out to thousands of users everywhere.